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WIAA Sectionals - May 26th - West Allis (Hale) Sports Complex

WIAA - West Allis Hale - Meet Sheets / Program

WIAA West Allis Hale - Meet Information

Class Dismiss 1:15 pm    Bus Depart 1:30 pm

4:00 pm Field Events  4:40 pm Running Events

South Athletes Tentative Time Schedule

4:00 pm  Long Jump - Armoni

5:00 pm  Triple Jump - Armoni

800m Relay  - 6:25 pm 

400m Relay  - 6:45 pm 

200m Dash - Jestine 7:20 pm 


WIAA Regionals - Monday 23rd - Brookfield East

Class Dismiss 1:15 pm   Bus Departs 1:30 pm 

3:30 pm Field Events  4:15 Running Events  

TIME Line and Meet Info Below  (and South Lineup)

Check with your event coach on practice times over the weekend !

Tentative Meet Program and Heat Sheet - Brook East - WIAA Regional


Congrats to everyone that participated in the Classic 8 JV Conference Meet. 

We placed 2ND overall !  

Classic 8 GIrl's JV Meet - Overall Results 

Women - Juinor Varsity - Team Rankings - 18 Events Scored 

1) Arrowhead 161 

2) Waukesha South 119.5 

3) Muskego 115 

4) Mukwonago 102.5 

5) Kettle Moraine 85.5

 6) Waukesha North 61 

7) Waukesha West 17.5

NO JV PRACTICE ON TUESDAY... .Varsity will have a practice. 


We will post/announce the WIAA Regional Lineup. 

Banquet Information will be shared. 

Senior Gifts, etc will also discussed. 


Monday is the Classic 8 JV Conference Meet @ Arrowhead 

Class Dismiss is 2:15 pm   Bus Departs 2:30 pm. 

Conference Entry Rule:   You can compete in the JV and Varsity Conference meet, you can not compete in the same event and athletes are limited to the 4 event (3-1) rule. 

South Line Up Below 

We CAN make changes to the lineup, if you are ON THE BUS, you will get to compete in the meet !

Wisconsin Lutheran - JV Jamboree

Where:     Wisconsin Lutheran High School  330 N. Glenview Avenue Milwaukee, WI  (The exit at State Fair Park, is Open)

When:       Bus Departs:   8:15 am  South High School                    

Bus Returns:                Approx.  2:30 – 3:00 pm

9:30           Field Events                                  10:00         Running Events

Below is the meet list and a TENTATIVE list of entries. IF YOU ARE ON THE BUS you will get to compete ! 

Jim Barron - Classic 8 Championship Meet

Jim Barron - Classic 8 Championship Meet  @ Waukesha West

Class Dismiss 2:15 pm    Bus Departs:  2:30 pm  

We WILL have a bus returning to South, after the meet.  

Field Events 4:00 pm   Running Events  5:00 pm 

Specific event information is posted on the MEET SHEET below. 

It should be a GREAT day to run ! !! (and compete) 



Arrowhead 9/10 Grade Meet - WEDNESDAY

The meet had Arrowhead is moved to Wednesday due the weather.  Athletes that can attend the meet are welcome to participate. The bus will leave at 3:15 NO EARLY RELEASE. I anticipate the bus should be back to South between 7:00 pm and 7:30 pm.  

9/10 Graders, if you want to compete, we will get you in the MEET ! 


CONFERENCE WEEK - Week of May 9th

Tuesday we are participating in the Arrowhead Freshment/Sophomore Invite. 

We are limited to 2 entries per event and 1 relay team.  

Class Dismiss 2:20    Bus Departs 2:35     Meet Begins 4:30 

Below is list of tentative entries. We can make changes on Monday at Practice. We will get all the Frosh/Soph that want to compete into the meet ! 

Week of May 9th

5/9 Monday -  Practice 3:25 - 5:15  

5/10 Tuesday - 9/10 @ Arrowhead  2:35 bus  4:30 events begin.  Athletes not participating in the meet will have practice. 

5/11  Wednesday -  Practice 3:25 - 5:15 

5/12   Thursday -  Classic 8 Outdoor Championship Meet @ Waukesha West  2:30 Bus - 4:00 Field Event 

5/13   Friday  - Make up date for Classic 8 Outdoor (If needed)   Practice TBD 

5/14    Saturday - WISCO JV JAMBOREE  (more details soon) 

5/16 - Classic 8 JV Meet @ Arrowhead High School 

JV Home Meet and 2nd Place at the DEMON Invite - Burlington

Wow...what a great night for a Track Meet.  The coaches where very proud of all the athletes that competed and helped to 'work' the meet. We had man PR's for races.  It was a great atmosphere and many of the coaches and the officials where very impressed with our sportsmanship and the number of athletes helping to run the meet. Great Job everyone ! 

Burlington "DEMON"  Girl's Team 2nd Place overall. With a partial team we where 20 points away from winning the meet.   It was a great night to compete, the weather, the competition, and your attitudes allowed us to have a great night.

Congrats to Taya Herra for winning the 1600m Run with a personal best of 5:27.

‚ÄčArmoni Brown stole the show by winning both the Long Jump and Triple Jump. The biggest accomplishment was that Armoni set SCHOOL RECORDS in both events with her 18'8" Long Jump and her 38'3" Triple Jump.

Burlington DEMON Invite Full Varsity Results


Old Fashion HOME Meet and Burlington DEMON

Thursday : Unlimited Entry Old Fashion Meet - You can compete in any event, you want to compete in.  IF YOU ARE NOT COMPETING YOU ARE EXPECTED TO HELP RUN THE MEET ! 

Meet Outside : 3:30   FIeld Events 4:15    Running Events 4:45 

Friday :   Burlington DEMON (Varsity) Invite. 

Class Dismiss 1:45 pm   Bus Departs 2:00 pm  

Field Events  4:00 pm    Running Events 4:15 pm 

Return to South Approx. 9:30 pm . 

(Meet Sheets below) 

Week of May 2nd

Monday - Practice 3:20 - 5:15 

Tuesday - Practice 3:20 - 5:15

Wednesday - Practice 3:20 - 5:15

Thursday HOME MEET !   Report outside 3:30   4:15 Running 4:45 Field

Friday - Varsity @ Burlington  Class Dismiss 1:45  Bus Depart 2:00 

Wisco Pre Prom Party Meet

Everyone's favorite meet of the year.... The Girl's ONLY Wisco Pre Prom meet.. 

We are willing to get as many athletes into the meet that can participate, if you are not in the meet check with your coach tonight at practice. 

2:30 Class Dismiss    2:45   Bus Departs 

4:15 Field Events     4:30   4x800   100 Trials   100 Hurdle Trials  

30 Minute Break.

Running Finals begin around 5:00 pm 

Week of April 25th

This is one of our last four day training weeks of the season.  We only have one meet this week, the Wisco Pre-Prom party on Friday night.  We are allowed three athletes per event, and two relay teams. This should allow us to get most of our athletes involved in the meet.  Let's work hard this week. 

Monday - No School - Practice 3:15 pm 

Tuesday - Practice 3:15 pm

Wednesday - Practice 3:15 pm   (Scholar Athlete Banquet 6:00 pm) 

Thursday - Practice 3:15 pm 

Friday - WISCO Pre Prom - Class Dismiss 2:30   Bus 2:45  

Field Events 4:15   Running Events 4:30 

Weekend practice...check with your event coach. 

Classic 8 Conference Relay Meet - Waukesha North

Waukesha North High School

10:00 am Field Events and   6400m Relay  ( 4 x1600 Composite)

11:30 am - Running Events 

The meet should be done by 2:00  - 2:30 pm 

(Meet Sheet and Lineups Below) 

We are still determining if we need a bus on Saturday.. Please let your coach know if you can NOT get a ride to North on Saturday. 

WISCO "Open" Track and Field Meet

Wisconsin Lutheran VIKING “Open” Track and Field Meet    Friday April 22, 2016

Wisconsin Lutheran High School

330 N. Glenview Avenue

Milwaukee WI, 55213

Class Dismiss 2:30   Bus Departs  2:45 

Field and Running Events Begin at 4:30 pm 

C8 Open Meet and WA Hale "Mondo" Meet

Below are the meet information sheets and lineups for this weekend's meets. 

Friday -  Classic 8 - Open Meet

Class Dismiss:  2:30 pm   Bus 2:45

Field Events 4:00 pm   Running Events 4:15 pm 

Saturday - West Allis "Mondo" Meet

Bus 8:00 am    9:30 am Field Events   10:00 am Running Event  


Girl's Track and Field Week of April 11

This week we begin our OUTDOOR Meets !   

The weather is suppose to get a little warmer, each day. We will practice outside when we can.  Make sure you pack tights, gloves, hats etc..

Monday Practice 3:20 - 5:15 

Tuesday Practice 3:20 - 5:15

Wednesday Practice 3:20 - 5:15 PICTURE DAY  

Thursday Practice 3:20 - 5:15 

Friday - Classic 8 JV Unlimited Entry Meet @ Mukwonago  Bus 2:15

4:00 pm Field Events    4:15 Running Events 

Saturday - West Allis Hale MONDO Invite  Bus @7:30  am 

9:30 am - Field Events  10:00 am Running Events

Classic 8 Conference Indoor Meet

Congratulations for our 3rd place finish at the Classic 8 Indoor Conference Meet

Medal Winners (Top 3 Places) 

3200m Relay - 3rd  Elise Boudry Libby Geisress Ashley Semington Taya Herrera

60 Hurdles -  3rd  Dae Dae Johnson 

4x200 Relay - 3rd Dae Dae Johnson  Sabrina Andringa Dahmera Wafford Sadie Fernandez 

Long Jump -  1st Armoni Brown 

Triple Jump - 1st Armoni Brown

200 Dash  - 1st Jestine Green

400 Dash -  1st Jestine Green (New Conf. Record) 

3200m Run - 3rd  Taya Herrera 


Due to forecasted wet and cold weather the 'tentative' JV Meet on Friday at Wisconsin Lutheran High School has been cancelled. 





TRIPLE JUMP, LONG JUMP, Open pit trial trials followed by finals. Boys first to completion then Girls.    Long Jump begins 30 minutes after Triple Jump. Boys first to completion then Girls


10:00AM         400 WHEELCHAIR

                         55 HIGH HURDLE TRIALS


                          800 WHEELCHAIR

11:00AM           3200 RELAY



Cardinal Relays - Wednesday

Webpage is BACK !

I was making some adjustments to the web page for this season and I mistakenly turned off the public view. Thanks for the parents who made me aware of this issue.  I will be back to posting all of our team in here. 


Week 3 - Schedule - Week of March 21st

Monday - Practice  3:15 - 5:15 

Tuesday - Practice 3:15 - 5:15

Wednesday - Cardinal Relays Meet  

All Athletes Report 3:20 

4:30 Triple Jump 

5:00 Pole Vault High Jump and Shot Put 

5:30 pm Running Events (3 Mile Composite Relay) 

Thursday - Practice After School 


SATURDAY - AM PRACTICE  - Event Specific 

Week 2 Meets

We had some great efforts at out first meets of the Season.   The performances where great, but remember we are also taking a long term view on the season.  We want to gradually improve as the season progresses. 

Blackshirt Shirt Preview Meet - Overall Results.

Congrats to the team on their 4th place finish at the 25 Nelson Daniels meet hosted by UW-Whitewater

UW- Whitewater Nelson Daniels - Overall Results

Track and Field 2016

Track and Field 2016 

Pre Season Meeting February 24th -  FIeldhouse - After School

First Day of Practice - March 7th - 3:20 pm on the FIeldhouse

Summer Track and Field Meets

Waukesha South is hosting its annual Community Track and Field Meets on June 25th and July 15th.   Cost is $5 to compete. 

Please share this information with any friends or family members that may also want to compete. 

This is also a FUND RAISER for our group.  We ALWAYS need help with timing the races. It is a lot of fun.   


Summer Workouts / Conditioning/ and Running

Summer Workouts begin June 15th

The summer off season ‘running’ and workout sessions will be based on the all school Summer Weight and Conditioning program.   We will then base running groups after the morning workouts. 

The Waukesha South Summer Weight and Conditioning program starts on Monday June 15th.  Workouts are on Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday. Students have the option of attending three workouts sessions.  

M-T-R-F   7:00 am - 9:00 am    9:00 am - 11:00 am  and 11:00 am - 1:00 pm. 

After the first week of workouts, we will share more information about specific running times.  

This is a great opportunity to work on our overall conditioning and improve our athletic conditioning. 

WIAA State Championship Weekend

WIAA State Championships

Friday June 5th - D1 Friday Session  (Trials and Finals)  4:00 pm 

Saturday June 6th - All Divisions - Finals  - 9:30 am Field  10:30 am Running

WIAA State Championship Order of Events and Time Schedule'

WIAA Track and Field State Championship Meet Preview

WIAA Track and Field State Championship - MEET PROGRAM

WIAA State Championship Qualifers

Congratulations to follow girl's for qualifying for the WIAA State Track and Field Finals

200m Dash    Jestine Green 1st place    25.5  (New School Record)

300m Hurdles   Ellen Lettenberger -  3rd Place

1600m Run    Grace Dargiewicz  - 3rd Place

4x200m Relay -  Jestine Green, Daeonna Johnson, Kaylee Geesay   3rd Place -  1:44.9   (New School Record)

4x100m Relay - Jordan Gygax, Kaylee Geesay, Daeonna Johnson, Armoni Brown - 3rd Place 50.4  (New School Record0

4x400m Relay - Julie Clayton, Grace Dargiewicz, Ellen Lettenberger, Jestine Green - 2nd Place  4:064. 

Alternates:  Elise Boudry and Sonia Tomei

WIAA Sectionals @ West Allis Hale

WIAA Sectional at West Allis

1:45 Class Dismiss

2:00  Bus

4:00 Field Events    4:45  Running Events 

Below is the meet information. 

Heat Sheet - Meet Program

WS - GTF - 2015

Wed 8/3 Thu 8/4 Fri 8/5 Sat 8/6 Sun 8/7

no events

no events

no events

no events

no events

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WIAA Regionals @ Brookfield East

Tuesday May 26th - WIAA Regionals @ Brookfield East

1:45  Class Dismiss    2:00  Bus Departs   

3:30   Field Events     4:15   Running Events 

Practice this weekend is based on your specific event.  Distance and Sprints are practicing Saturday morning at 9:00. 

Below is the "SOUTH" Lineup and the Meet Informations Sheet

The 'official' meet program should be posted on Friday afternoon. 

Week of April 18th - End of Season

Congratulations to everyone that participated and helped run the meet on Monday. We have had a busy three weeks of meets. The coaches are very proud of how everyone has competed and improved during the outdoor season. 

Classic 8 JV Meet Results -  4th Place

We are near the end of the season with some athletes participating in the WIAA Tournament series, next week. 

For the rest of the season ALL ATHLETES are welcome to attend and participate in practices.  We inform athletes if they are participating in the WIAA Regional meet on Wed. May 20th. 

Tuesday: Practice ALL VARSITY athletes.  (JV Optional)

Wednesday May 20th:  All team meeting 3:20 in the Fieldhouse. We will have banquet information, end of the year awards, announcements, and equipment turn in. 

Thursday:   Practice - ALL Varsity Athletes. 

Practices on Friday, Sat, Sun, and Mon will be shared will be determined by event coaches. 



JV Conference Meet @ Waukesha South

Today is the JV Conference at Waukesha South !

Field Events begin at 4:30 pm and Running Events at 5:00 pm. 

The lineups are posted bellow. We have 3 entries per event and 3 relays per event. (We can make changes) 

If you are not in the meet today, we will have a short practice and we expect you to stay and help 'work' the meet. 

It has been a busy two weeks, but we look forward to watching everyone compete at HOME !

Tuesday May 19th - We have a team meeting after school to talk about the WIAA Regional Lineup, the Banquet, and other end of the season items. 


Jim Baron - Classic 8 Conference Meet - 4th Place Finish

Congratulations to everyone that competed in the Classic 8 Conference Meet. The coaches are very proud of your attitudes, effort, and team work at the meet.  It was a tough night to compete, but we had great efforts in every event. 

Jim Baron Classic 8 Conference Meet - Girl's Results 

Jim Baron Classic 8 Conference Meet - MUKWONAGO

It is a great day to run !   Reminder class dismiss at 2:15 with the bus departing at 2:30 pm 

4:00 Running Events    5:00 Field Events       

I anticipate the meet will be over by 8:30 pm. 

Get pump and compete together !

Classic 8 Championship - Meet Program

Arrowhead 9/10 Co-Ed Invite

It was a tough night to compete !  Good job everyone that competed on Tuesday at the Arrowhead 9/10 grade meet. Despite the cold weather, we had several PR's and a school record !  

Arrowhead 9/10 Meet Results 

Congratulations the 4x100m Relay of  Jestine Green, Kaylee Geesay, Daeonna Johnson, and Armoni Brown their time of 51.9 is a new school record ! 

EVERYONE will have practice on Wednesday.  At practice we will be asking athletes if they can commit to participating in the meet at Wisconsin Lutheran on Saturday. 

Thursday is the Classic 8 Conference Meet at Mukwonago.  Class Dismissal will be at 2:15 pm   Please check with your 8th hour teacher for conflicts. We will allow athletes to work with Mrs. Kendall or  drive with their parents to the meet, if they need to stay in class.

Arrowhead 9/10 Co-Ed Invite

Tuesday we are participating in the Arrowhead Freshment/Sophomore Invite. 

We are limited to 2 entries per event and 1 relay team.  

Class Dismiss 2:20    Bus Departs 2:35     Meet Begins 4:30 

Below is list of tentative entries. We can make changes on Monday at Practice. We will get all the Frosh/Soph that want to compete into the meet ! 

Week of May 11th

5/11 Monday -  Practice 3:25 - 5:15  

5/12 Tuesday - 9/10 @ Arrowhead  2:35 bus  4:30 events begin.  Athletes not participating in the meet will have practice. 

5/13  Wednesday -  Practice 3:25 - 5:15 

5/14   Thursday -  Classic 8 Outdoor Championship Meet @ Mukwonago  2:30 Bus - 4:00 Field Event 

5/15    Friday  - Make up date for Classic 8 Outdoor (If needed)   Practice TBD 

5/16    Saturday - WISCO JV JAMBOREE  (more details soon) 

Monday 5/18 -  Classic 8 JV Outdoor Champ. Meet @ Waukesha South

Great Home Meet- Thursday Night

Wow...what a great night for a Track Meet.  The coaches where very proud of all the athletes that competed and helped to 'work' the meet. We had man PR's for races.  It was a great atmosphere and many of the coaches and the officials where very impressed with our sportsmanship and the number of athletes helping to run the meet. 

Great Job everyone ! 

Friday - The Bus leaves at 2:00 pm for Burlington 


Thursday and Friday May 7 and May 8

It is a great day for a Track and Field meet. 

Thursday - Reminder, athletes can 'pick' their events.  Field Events, you need to make sure your name is on the sheet.  Running events, just show up at the start.  Meet outside near the Pole Vault Pit at 3:25.   Field Events 4:15  - Running Events 4:45. 

Friday - Burlington "Demon" Invite.   2:00 pm BUS 

Let's have a lot of PR's the next two days !

Arrowhead OPEN Meet - Tuesday May 5th

Tuesday we will have athletes compete in an OPEN meet at Arrowhead High School. This is an UNLIMITED entry meet.  Below is a tentative line up.  (We can make changes on Monday and Tuesday).

No Early Release - Bus Departs at 3:20 pm    Meet starts at 5:00 pm 


Wisco Pre Prom Party

Class Dismiss 2:15 pm      Bus Departs  2:30 pm 

Field Events 4:15 pm        Running Events 4:30 pm 

Most Running Races will begin around 5:15 pm (See Sheet) 

We should be back around 9:00 pm - 9:15 pm

Mukwonago JV Open Meet - Tuesday

I know it is a busy few days and it is unique that we are having back to back meets in Mukwonago, this week.  We are trying to give athletes as many opportunities to compete, as possible (3 weeks left for most athletes) 

Tuesday's meet is an unlimited entry meet. Athletes that are not participating on Monday night are highly encouraged to participate.  We will talk with the athletes in Monday's meet about their options on Tuesday. 

The bus will leave at 2:45 pm on Tuesday... With a class dismiss at 2:30 pm. 

Classic 8 Relays moved from Saturday to Monday

Reminder that the Classic 8 Relay is on Monday. 

Event times are 4:00 pm for the Field Events and 1600m Run and 5:30 for the running events.

The bus will depart at 2:30 pm.  
Below is our lineup.  Please remember this was a difficult lineup as we had to change it over the weekend and did not have practice. If you have any questions about the lineup please contact your coach.  If you are not in the meet, we probably need alternates, please email coach Lehmann if you want to come to the meet as an alternate.  [email protected]
We will NOT have practice on MONDAY.  However, we have an unlimited OPEN meet on Tuesday back at Mukwonago, the bus will leave at 2:30. Any athlete may participate in the Tuesday meet, and pick their events. 

April 24/25 Meets

This weekend we have meets at Wisconsin Lutheran on Friday and Mukwonago on Saturday. .

Friday OPEN Meet at Wisconsin Lutheran  

Class Dismiss 2:30  - Bus Leaves 2:45 pm

All Events Begin at 4:30 pm 

Saturday :  Bus 8:30 am @ Mukwonago 

Field Events and 1600m Run begin at 10:00 am 

Running Events at 11:30 am 

Saturday's relay meet is expected to have cold temps and rain. We will do our best to secure a dry place for the team to sit.. Bus, Tent, or the School. But please be prepared for 'bad' weather. 

I anticipate we will need to make changes to Saturday's lineup. Please be flexible and willing to step up and do 'what it takes' to help the team. 

Week of April 20th

The coaches where very happy with the performances on Friday night at Kettle Moraine. (Results below). Most of the athletes had PR performances and many athletes tried 'new' events.  It was a great night for Track and Field. This week we continue with two with a focus on training and the "TEAM" Relay Meet. 

Monday - Thursday -  PRACTICE 3:25 - 5:15 

Friday -  OPEN Unlimited Entry Meet @ Wisconsin Lutheran High School 

Saturday -  Classic 8 Relay Meet (JV and V) at Mukwonago HS. 

Please note: We understand Saturday is the WS PROM.  We attempt to not schedule meets on PROM, but this is a Conference sponsored meet.  Below is the meet information sheet. 

On Tuesday, we will ask students to commit if they can or can not participate in the meet, based on PROM.  Athletes that are not participating on Saturday, we will be expected to participate on Friday night at Wisco. 

10:00 am   -  4x1600 Composite  and ALL FIELD EVENTS (See sheet) 

11:30 am -   Running Events 

The is typically done between 2:00 pm and 2:30 pm. Return to South at approx.  3:30 pm.

Classic 8 Conference OPEN Outdoor Meet




Meet is at Kettle Moraine High School - Hwy 16 in Wales. 

Class Dismiss 2:15 pm       Bus Departs 2:30 pm 

Field Events 4:00 pm          Running Events  4:15 pm 

This is 'new' meet for all the Classic 8 schools, without seeing the heet sheets I am not sure of a time schedule or how long the meet will last. 


Spring Break - Practice and Meet Schedule

Thursday  April 2nd -  Practice for al athletes participating at UWW on Saturday. Optional for the rest of the team. 

Friday   April 3rd -   No Practice 

Saturday April 4th -   WTFA Indoor Championships @ UWW  (Meet Info)

Vans Depart  7:30 am   Field Events and Running Trials 9:30 am  Meet                                              Done at Approx. 2:00 pm   WTF Meet Program

Monday  April 6th -  Practice 3:00 BASED ON YOUR EVENT COACH 

Monday - Friday April  7 - 10    Practice 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm 

Saturday April 11th   -  CLASSIC 8 INDOOR CHAMPIONSHIP MEET @ UW Parkside -  Bus Approx 6:45 am - Field Events 9:00 am 

Classic 8 Indoor Conference Meet Information Sheet 


Mukwonago Open Meet

We WILL be participating in an OUTDOOR meet at Mukwonago on Tuesday.  Bus will leave at approx. 2:30.. - Meet 4:00 ( I will have a meet sheet at practice today)  We understand there is a concert and some athletes will have conflicts...

Not all the athletes will be competing, WE WILL HAVE PRACTICE ON TUESDAY (for the athletes not attending the meet). At practice today, we will have a SIGN UP sheet for all the athletes.  You will get to pick your own events. Unlimited Entries and we can make changes at the meet. 
This is a good opportunity to get in a meet before Break. Our next unlimited entry meet is not until April 17th !...

Peter Rempe Cardinal Relays

Congratulations on our great performances at the Cardinal Relay Meet on Saturday.  Enjoy the weekend and get some rest. 

We hope to see many of you at the YOUTH CAMP on Sunday from 12:30 - 3:30. 

Peter Rempe Cardinal Relays - COMPLETE RESULTS

Meet Added - March 31st @ Mukwonago

We have added a meet on Tuesday March 31st @ Mukwonago.  This will be an UNLIMITED ENTRY outdoor meet. The meet will be based on the weather (High 60's on Tue) The makeup date will be  Wednesday April 1st. 

Bus 2:30    Meet Starts at 4:00 pm 
This is a great opportunity for everyone to compete as we do not have another unlimited entry meet on our schedule until April 17th. 
 I understand this is a late add and South also has a choir concert. Athletes will be excused (and not punished) if they have prior commitments. 
See you at practice tonight ! 

New Berlin West Schreiber - JV and Varsity Invite

Girl's Varsity 1st Place at the NBW - Schreiber Invite 

Overall Team Results 

Youth Track and Field Camp - SUNDAY !

Sunday is our YOUTH Track and Field INDOOR Camp... 

If you have a brother/sister or son/daughter or relative or friend that is interested in Track and Field, this is a great way to introduce them to the sport.  The camp is run in a station format and gives the athletes an opportunity to 'try' all the events associated with Track and Field. 


Schreiber - New Berlin West Meet - Wed March 25th

Classic Dismiss 2:15... Bus 2:40   2 Way Bus  

Return to South Approx. 8:00 - 8:30   

Field Event 4:00 pm   Running Events 4:30 pm 

Co-Ed Meet -  JV and Varsity  Teams:  Menomonee Falls, New Berlin West, Sussex Hamilton, Waterford,Wauk South, Wauk North

Week of March 23rd

Monday - Practice - 3:25 - 5:15 

Tuesday - Practice 3:25 - 5:15

Wednesday Meet @ New Berlin West 

Bus  2:45     Field Events  4:00 pm    Running Events 4:30 pm  

3 Entries per event Varsity and 3 Entries per event JV

Thursday - Practice - 3:25 - 5:15

Friday  - Practice 3:25 - 4:45  

Saturday -  Cardinal Relays - Varsity  12 Team

8:30 Pole Vault and Triple

9:30  Field Events 

10:00 Running Events  

UWW - Nelson Daniels - 5th Place

Congrats on the 5th Place finish at the prestigious Nelson/Daniels Meet at UW-Whitewater on Saturday.

Complete Meet Results

Congratulations to  Grace Dargiewicz who was the Co-Meet MVP with her 2nd place finishes in the High Jump and 400m Dash and a part of the 4x800 Relay Team. 

Place Winners: 

4x800 3rd Place     Elis B, Rebecca L., Krysta P,  Grace D

60 Dash  6th Place- Armoni Brown

4x200 Relay - 8th Place  -  Jestine Green, Sabrina Andringa, Dahmara Wafford, Armoni Brown 

High Jump - 2nd Place - Grace D. 

Pole Vault - 3rd Place - Julie C. 


Weekend Meet Sheets and Meet Programs

UW-Whitewater Nelson Daniels Meet -  Saturday March 21st. 

Bus Departs 7:15 am   -   Return home approx. 4:00 pm 

UWW - Nelson Daniels -  Meet  Information

UWW - Nelson Daniels -  Meet Time Schedule

UWW-Nelson Daniels -  Meet Program

Waukesha South Preview Meet - FRIDAY NIGHT

The coaching staff is very excited to see everyone compete this weekend !  The to success is confidence.   Compete with confidence !

If any parents want to help work at the meet please report to the scorers table at 5:30...

Spectator Admission   Adults $5.00        Students $3.00  

 It would be appreciated if you share this info and the expectation that spectators seating is in the               balcony, not the fieldhouse floor.


Field Events:  Long Jump       4 Jumps No Finals                  Triple Jump     4 Jumps No Finals

Shot Put          6 Throws No Finals     High Jump and PV we will start LOW..


      5:30         Coaches Meeting/Changes at Scorers Table


      5:45           Long Jump followed by Triple Jump

High Jump

Pole Vault

Shot Put

    6:30            2 Mile Relay

60m High Hurdles

60m Dash

Mile Run

6 Lap Relay

440m Dash

4 Lap Relay

60m Low Hurdles

800  Run

200 Dash

Two Mile Run  

Mile Relay


Just a reminder that all spirit wear orders are due to Hannah Lehmann (or Mrs. Miller) in the athletic office by 11:00 am on Tuesday. 

Week 2 - Time for a Meet !

As we move into Week 2 we begin our indoor competition with a HOME meet and a trip to UW-Whitewater. 

Reminder: Spirit Wear Orders are due at the end of practice on Monday   If you have questions please contact Hannah Lehmann. 

The weather should be warm early in the week, but back to 'seasonal' temps later in the week.  

The majority of the team will be outside on Monday ! 

Monday -  Practice 3:25 - 5:15 

Tuesday -  Practice 3:25 - 5:15 

Wednesday - Practice 3:15 - 5:00 (Early end due to coaches meeting) 

Thursday -  Practice and Uniform Handout 

Friday -   Meet @ Waukesha South.  All athletes report at 5:00 pm  5:50 pm Field Events - 6:30 Running Events.  

Saturday - Varsity Meet @ UW Whitewater Bus 7:15  (Athletes will know by Wednesday if they are participating. 

Week 1 2015 - Let the FUN begin


Monday March 9th -  Practice 3:25

Tuesday March 10th - Practice 3:25

Wednesday March 11 - Practice 3:25 -  Parent's Meeting 5:15  Room 104

Thursday March 12  - Practice 1:30 pm 

Friday March 13 -  Practice 1:30 pm 

Saturday March 14 - Practice 8:00 am 

PreSeason - Meeting Tuesday Feb. 24th

Season Starts Monday March 9th 

Meeting Today 3:15 in Room 104.     ( I can not attend due to a school meeting) 
Get your White Cards is the main message....
Seniors will be sharing opportunities to workout before the season starts. 
Stay Warm and please contact me with any questions or concerns. 


Jim Barron Champ. Meet / Wisco JV

The Classic 8 Conference Meet WILL be held on Thursday.  

Class dismis 2:15  you MUST attend 8th Hour.   Bus Departs 2:30.

We should be back to South between 9:00 - 9:15 pm. 

Jim Barron/Classic Championship Meet Program

Jim Barron - Championship Meet  - Thursday (Meet Info Sheet)

Waukesha South Meet Lineup -  Jim Barron Champ. Meet  

Meet Program will be available online at 7:00 pm 

Wisco JV Jamboree - Saturday  Meet Information Sheet

Waukesha South - JV Jambo Meet Lineup Sheet

Arrowhead 9/10 Co-Ed Invite

Arrowhead 9/10 Grade Meet - Overall Meet Results  

Great Job - We earned awards in 9 events !

Class Dismiss 2:20    Bus 2:35   (Please be respectful to your teachers) 

We should be home around 8:00 pm

South Lineup  (w/ changes since Practice on Monday)

Arrowhead 9/10 SOUTH Meet Information Sheet

Week of May 12th (Conference Week)

Monday May 12th  – Practice 3:15 – 5:00     everyone on the team. 


Tuesday May 13th     Practice 3:15 – 4:00    everyone not in the Arrowhead Meet. ( Short Practice because the Coaches, at practice, will also be going to the Arrowhead meet.


Wednesday May 14th      Practice 3:15 – 4:45      everyone on the team.   The lineup and information for the Conference Meet at Mukwonago will be shared.


Thursday May 15th         No Practice   (if you are in the Classic 8 Meet)

                        Classic 8 Conference Championship Meet @ Mukwonago

                        Bus 2:00 - No 8th Hour

                          4:00 pm - ALL FIELD EVENTS    5:00 pm  - RUNNING EVENTS 


Friday May 16th     Rain Date/Make Up for the Classic 8 Conference Meet on Thursday.        Varsity Practice will be based on your coach.

JV Practice 3:15 – 4:45.      We will have the information sheets for the Wisco JV Jamboree Meet on Saturday.


Saturday May 17th    JV Jamboree Meet   @ Wisconsin Lutheran HS

                        Bus Approx. 7:30 am

                        Field Events 9:30 am   

                        Running Events 10:00 am


Everyone will be in at least 1 meet, this week. Many of you will be in 2 meets; some of you might be in 3 meets, if you want.   If you can attend the meet on Saturday, we will get you some events/races.


Monday May 19th - Classic JV Conference at Kettle Moraine High School.


    Field Events – 4:30 pm     Running Events 5:00 pm

(Athletes can be in the JV and Varsity Conf. Meet, they cannot do the same “OPEN” event and they can only be in 4 events combined between the two meets)



Monday May 19th is the Last JV Meet of the season.


Tuesday May 20th - Practice ALL - Team Meeting at 3:15.    We will talk about the meets and who is going to participate in the WIAA Regionals and WIAA Sectionals, the week of May 26th  (Regionals May 27th  - Sectionals May 30th)

Athletes not participating in the Regional or Sectional, are welcome to attend practice, but are not required to attend. 

Girl's Track and Field Banquet -  Monday June 2nd - Waukesha South Cafeteria.

May 8 and 9 Meets

It looks like we might have some 'spring' weather for our Track Meets this weekend !

Thursday is our only "HOME" outdoor Track and Field Meet.  We encourage all of our parents to come out and support the team.  All athletes are expected to attend the meet to compete or help 'work' the meet. 

The meet begins at 4:15 pm 

Blackshirt Old Fashion Meet Information Sheet 

Athlete Line Up (Entries are flexible) 

"Demon" Invite @ Burlington - Friday  2:00 pm Bus 

The meet begins at 4:00 pm 

Burlington Meet Information Sheet 

Burlington Demon Invite Entries


Arrowhead Open Track and Field Meet - 5/6

ARROWHEAD OPEN MEET  -  Tuesday 5/6 

This is one of our last TWO "Open" unlimited entry meets. 

Bus Departs 3:10 pm   NO EARLY RELEASE 

Meet Events start at 5:00 pm .... I anticipate we will be home between 7:30 - 8:00. 

WS Meet Information Sheet 

WS Meet Lineup AHS "OPEN"  

Week of May 5th

We are in the 'crunch' part of the season. 7 meets in 15 days. You have worked hard all season and we want to give you as many opportunities to compete, as possible.  

Monday Practice  3:00 - 5:15 

Tuesday -  Arrowhead Open Meet  3:10 pm Bus  5:00 Meet Begins

Wednesday Practice 3:00 - 5:15 

Thursday  -  Blackshirt 'Old Fashion Meet'.  4:15 Field Events 4:45 Running Events 

All South Athletes are expected to attend the meet on Thursday to compete or help work the meet.  This is our only HOME outdoor meet of the season !

Friday -    "DEMON" Invite @ Burlington HS   Bus TBD -  4:00 pm Field Events 4:15  Running Events  

Weekend practice will be determined by event.

Wisco Pre-Prom Party Meet - Friday

2:15  Class Dismiss    2:30 Bus Depart  4:15 Field Events   4:30 Running Events



Classic 8 Relays Results

Great Job on Tuesday on a cool/damp night at Waukesha North. We nearly reached our goal for winning the "BLUE" Division  at this years relay meet, finishing only 4 pts behind Waukesha West at the Varsity level and also 4 pts. behind Waukesha North at the JV level.

Varsity Scores                                              JV Scores 

 1 Waukesha West  58                      1.  Waukesha North 54
 2 Waukesha South  54                     2.   Waukesha South 50
 3 Waukesha North   18                      3.  CMH    12

   4 Catholic Memorial CAME 16 

Complete Results - Varsity and JV 

J/S Sports - Mark Stewart's Recap Article

Classic 8 Conference Relays @ Waukesha North

Class Dismiss 2:15      Bus Departs 2:30 pm 

ONE WAY BUS. Athletes and families will need to arrange their own transportation from Waukesha North. 

Field Events:   4:00 pm   and 4x1600m Relay    5:30   Running Events

RAIN DATE -  Wednesday April 30th

Week of April 28th - Schedule

As we move into the last month of the Track season, it looks mother nature will have an impact on this week's practices and  meets.  

Monday  4/28   Practice 3:15 pm -  5:00 pm 

Tuesday 4/29   Classic 8 Conference Relay Meet  @  Waukesha North  

Bus:  2:30 pm     Field Events 4:00 pm      Running Events  5:30 pm 

Wednesday 4/30    Practice 3:15 pm - 5:00 pm   (Rain date for Relay Meet on Tue)

Scholar/Athlete Banquet @ Waukesha South 

Thursday 5/1 -    Practice 3:15 pm - 5:00 pm 

Friday 5/2 -    Wisco. Pre Prom Meet  (Varsity meet) 3 Per Event - 2 Relays 

Bus  2:00 pm   4:15 pm Field Events   4:30 pm Running Events 

Weekend:  No Practices not Meets

Wisconsin Lutheran Friday - Saturday Meet Results

Great job everyone at BOTH meets this weekend !  Friday night was a great night for a Track Meet and many athletes had outstanding performances.  Saturday the team has its best performances of the season with a 4th Place finish in the 17 team meet !

Viking Open Results  - Friday Night 

Viking Invite Results -  Saturday 

You can also read Mark Stewart's article in the Sunday Journal Sentinel by clicking here.

Weekend at Wisco...

The coaches are excited for this weekend's Track meets at Wisconsin Lutheran High School. It was great to have everyone back at practice, this week.

Friday - Bus Departs 2:00 pm   (Athletes leave between 7th and 8th Hour)

Friday Night Viking Open SOUTH Lineup

Friday Night Viking Open Meet Information Sheet

Saturday - Bus Departs 8:00 am   (Co-ed Bus w the Boys) 

Viking Invite - SOUTH Lineup 

Sat -Viking Invite - Meet Information Sheet

Week of April 21st

Welcome Back !  

The coaches look forward to seeing everyone at practice, this week.  We have added a  JV Meet to our schedule, this Friday April 25th.  This will allow every athlete to be in a meet, this week. 

Monday - Practice  3:00 - 5:00 

Tues - Wed - Thur-  Practice   3:15  -  5:00 

Friday - Viking OPEN Meet @ Wisc. Lutheran  2:00 pm Bus  4:15 All Events  (unlimited entries)  Meet Information

Saturday - Viking (V) Invite @ Wisc. Lutheran  7:30 am Bus  9:30 am Field Events 10:00 am  Running Events   Meet Information


South Milwaukee "Meet on the Beach" - Thursday April 17th

South Milwaukee Meet Information Sheet - April 17

Bus leaves at 2:45 pm.  (Co-ed) 

I anticipate we should be home around 7:30 pm. 

4:30 Field Events    5:00  Running Events

Coaches Notes: 

This lineup is flexible, we can make changes !!

Weather will be an issue… Dress for the elements.

This is an opportunity to get in a meet and gain experience and/or try new events.

This will be a nice low key meet where we can have a LOT OF FUN and enjoy being with our teammates.

No Practice:  Friday - Saturday - Sunday -   Practice Monday April 21st at 3:00 pm


What a wonderful APRIL night for a Track Meet ! The energy of the team was outstanding... Your attitudes and effort tonight made all the coaches proud. Great Meet and we hope tonights meet leads to some great performances for the rest of the season ! Kettle Moraine Open OVERALL RESULTS:

Picture Day - Wed. April 9th

Wednesday April 9th is PICTURE DAY.  We are scheduled to have our pictures taken at 4:40 pm.  Please bring your uniform top, and any black shorts/tights that you wish to wear. 

Classic 8 Conference Meet

Great Job everyone at the Classic 8 Conference Meet ....  6th Place Overall JV and Varsity..

Classic 8 JV and CONFERENCE Results


Peter Rempe Cardinal Relay Results

Congratulations to everyone on some great efforts at the Peter Rempe Cardinal Relays meet on Saturday.  South placed 5th as a team, in the 13 team meet. Something to think about: 3 of the 4 teams that beat us won their Outdoor Conference Championship, last year.  We scored points in EVERY event entered.  Shout out's to our medal winning relays. 

Shot Put 3rd Place ( Wendy, Hailey, Natalie)

Long Jump 3rd Place ( Natalie, Rachel, Dahmara)

Mile Relay 3rd Place ( Natalie, Brittany, Heather, Anjiah) 

Special Mention: Hurdle Crew ( Natalie, Brittany, Dahmara) and the Distance group with some great times in all 3 relays. 

Cardinal Relays OVERALL meet results.

Meet Results

Nelson Daniels - UW Whitewater Complete Meet Results

Complete South Results will be posted on Sunday night. 

Spring CHAMPIONSHIP Track and Field Camp

Annual SPRING "Learning by Doing" Clinic - Feb. 23rd.  12:30 - 3:30

Events Offered:   Hurdles, Sprints, and High Jump 

Camp Information

Contact Coach Lehmann if you are interested in participating.  

[email protected]

Sunday Pole Vault Camp - Start's this Week !

Just a friendly reminder that our 5 Week Winter Pole Vault Program begins this week... Sunday Jan. 26th

This is a great program for new and experienced athletes.....The camp is run in a station format that works on the run, plant, swing, (rope work), and Pit Work.  The athletes are active the entire session.... Safety and Proper Technique is always emphasized...

Dates: Jan. 6 - 13 - 20, February 10 - 17 - 24      Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Link to Camp Brochure

Link to Online Registration

Eric Lehmann

Eric Lehmann

Head Girl's Track and Field Coach - Waukesha, WI

Phone: 262-501-0216

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