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Waukesha South Girls Cross Country

Regular Season 2013

Mukwonago Invite - Var 2nd - JV 4th

It was a great night to run and we took advantage of it !!   PR's all over the place and some of the best TEAM Results in the past several seasons..

Varsity - 2nd Place    JV - 4th Place..

Medals Winners: 

Libby - 1st Place Varsity 

Grace - 5th Place Varsity 

Taya - 10th Place Varsity 

C.C -  4th Place JV 

Shout out to all the GREAT PR's.... Friday - "partner" run after school...

Saturday OFF - Sunday Run @ Minooka Park - TBD 

Mukwonago Invite

Short training week with a THURSDAY race this week. 

Class Dismiss 2:10 pm  Bus Departs :   2: 30 pm 

Girl's Varsity  4:00 pm     JV (Boy's and Girl's)  5:10 

Weekend Practice: Practice on Friday … No Practice of  Saturday   Varsity Sunday 5:00 pm  (but open to change)


Coaches Notes:        

Focus !   4 Races left…What are your goals? Give yourself a chance to run well.   You worked VERY hard the last few weeks, with rest and confidence we feel everyone can drop their times. 

Week of September 26th

It looks like the weather is 'kinda' turning into Fall....either way we get another GREAT week to train and race..

Saturday at Muskego was a 'long' day, but most of us experienced tremendous success !!    Season PR's and many "all time" PR's....  Saturday should of been a tremendous confidence boost. 

This week we have a mid week race ...

Monday - Practice 3:20 - 5:15 

Tuesday - Practice 3:20 - 5:15  - MEET on the TRACK at 5:15 

Wednesday - Practice 3:20 - 4:45 Meet on the Track .....  

    5:00 Team Meal -  Elise and Grace 

Thursday -  Mukwonago Meet  @ Mukwonago High School  

  Bus Departs 2:00 pm    Girl's Varsity 4:00 pm    Boy's and Girl's JV 5:10 pm 

We should be back to South between 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm 

Friday - Practice 3:20 pm - 4:00 pm    

Saturday -  No Practice 

Sunday -   VARSITY Practice TBD - Early evening @ Minooka Park   (JV Optional) 

Muskego Invite on Saturday

Great week of the practice ! Despite the weather we got in some quality workouts this week.  We are working into 'race' shape.  We are back on a flat fast course and anticipate many PR's this week. 

Friday Practice 3:20 -  Meet on the Track ! 

Team Meal at Allen's House 

Saturday    7:15 am Bus Departs   10:40 am JV Girl's  12:00 pm Girl's Varsity 

Arrive back at South approx. 1:30 pm 



Week of Sept. 18th

Monday - Practice 3:20 - 4:15   (Long Run) 

Tuesday- Practice  3:20 - 4:15  - Meet on the Track 

Wednesday - Practice 3:20 - 4:15 - Meet at Minooka Park 

Thursday - Practice 3:20 - 4:15 -  Meet on the Track. 

Friday -  Practice 3:20 - 4:15   - Meet on the Track.

Team Meal at Allen's House (walking distance from South    Parents we need help selling concessions at the Football game.

Saturday  -  Muskego Invite @ Lake Denoon Middle School  

10:40 am - JV Girl's Race      12:00 noon - Varsity Girl's Race 

Bus Departs 7: 15  am  (Varsity Athletes can arrange a ride to the meet) 


Waukesha XC Festival Results

Thanks to everyone for the tremendous effort and help at the Waukesha Festival Cross Country Meet.  It was the 'largest' meet South has hosted at Minooka Park. It was a team effort with athletes and coaches working together ! 

Most of our runners ran faster than when we raced at Minooka the last time !

Varsity 5th Place Team (out of 20 teams) 

JV  9th Place (out of 14 teams) 


Waukesha XC Festival

Waukesha XC Festival - Saturday 

This is our marque home meet, we have a record number of 24 High School teams competing... 

All JV Athletes Report at 7:15 am - Walk the Course at 7:30 am 

JV Girl's Race  8:30      Varsity Girl's Race 10:00 am

 Full Day Schedule:   8:30 am  JV Girl's  9:15 am JV Boy's 10:00 Varsity Girl's 10:45 Varsity Boy's  11:30   Middle School Boy's    12:00   Middle School Girl's 

ALL SOUTH ATHLETES ARE EXPECTED TO STAY THE ENTIRE DAY.... Help with concessions, AWARDS, clean up.. etc.  

Parents we need help with the following time slots on Saturday .

Shifts Needed: Concessioins 8:30 - 9:30
  Concessions 11:30 -12:30
  Dog Park Road Crossing  
  8:30 - 11:30 

Week of September 12th

Monday 3:20 Practice @ South (Long Run)

Tuesday 3:20 Practice @ South - MEET ON THE TRACK 

Wednesday 3:20 Practice @ Minooka Park

Thursday 3:20 Practice @ Minooka Park

Friday 3:20 Practice - Team Meal @ Nieblers 

Saturday  - Waukesha XC Festival @ MInooka Park

8:30 am JV GIrl's    10:00 am Varsity Girl's .


Gwen Jorgensen: Down Time Helped Me Win Gold In Rio

Great article written by Gwen Jorgensen about her training and amount of sleep.

Arrowhead Meet Results

Great Efforts on Thursday... It was a hot humid night.... 

It was a 'huge' meet ..... ( almost 400 runners in the JV race).... This will be our most competitive and 'high power' meet of the season ! 

Great Job.... Recovery practice on Friday 3:20 - 4:30...


Arrowhead Invite

Thursday - Arrowhead Invite

Class Dismiss  2:00 pm 

Bus Departs   2:15 pm 

JV Race   4:20 pm 

Varsity Race 5:25 pm 

Awards Approx 6:45 pm

Return to South  Approx.  7:30 pm 

Practice Friday 3:15 - 4:30  -   Weekend OFF 

Week of Sept. 5th - Back to School (and Arrowhead)

Monday - Sept. 5th -   No Practice - Long Run on your own (or in a group) 

Tuesday Sept. 6th -  Practice 3:20 @ South   (Track Workout)

Wednesday Sept. 7th -  Practice 3:20 @ Minooka  (No Team Meal) 

Thursday Sept. 8th -  Arrowhead Meet 

Bus 2:00 pm     Girl's JV Race 4:20    Girl's Varsity Race  5:35 pm 

Friday Sept. 9th -   Practice 3:20 - 4:15 

Sat. Sept. 10th -   No Practice 

Blackshirt Challenge

The shirts had a VERY strong showing at the Blackshirt Challenge. The Shirts hosted 20 teams, and posted there own 3rd Place Team finish in the Varsity Race and a 4th Place Team finish in the JV Race.  (These are best team placements in several years).  

Congrats to Libby (5th) and Grace (7th) for their strong finishers.  Freshmen Helen Boudry ran her first race to lead our JV team and place 10th in the JV Race.   

Thanks to all the parents that also helped to make it a great meet ! 

Home Meet - South Hosts - Blackshirt Challenge

This Saturday we host our annual Blackhshirt Challenge Cross Country Meet at Minooka Park.      We anticipate over 20 teams participating in this year's meet with just over 600 total runners.  

All Races start and finish in Picnic Area #3 of Minooka Park.  Cars will be charged a $4.00 entrance fee. 

9:00 am     Boy’s 5k Race      9:45 am  Girl’s 5k Race          10:30  am  Open 4k

                                                        11:15 Awards Ceremony

Week of August 29th

Monday   11:45 Team Pictures   3:20 pm  Team Practice  (both at South)

Tuesday   3:20 pm  Practice @ South 

Wednesday 3:20 pm  Practice @ Minooka  

Thursday 3:20 pm Practice @ South  - First Day of School

Friday  3:20 pm Practice @ South -   Team Meal at Libby G house. 

Saturday 8:00 am Report to Minooka  9:00 Boy's 5k  9:45  Girl's 5k  10:30 Open 4k  11:00 Awards Ceremony 

Sunday Sept. 3 and Monday Sept. 4  - NO PRACTICE

Thursday - RACE DAY ! Palmyra Eagle Invite

Thursday April 25th Palmyra Eagle invite @  Carlin Weld Park 

( Hwy Z, just off of Hwy H outside of Palmyra. )

3:15 pm - Bus Departs

Below is an approximate time schedule

  • Girls Varsity 5:40
  •  Girls JV 6:15

 Open 1.5 mile race 7:00 (Not officially timed)                            

Bus Returns to South at Approx 8:15 pm 

Week 2 -  August 22nd –

Monday - 5:30 pm  @  Waukesha South   (Youth Camp w Practice)

Tuesday – 5:30 pm @ Minooka Park  (Picnic Area #1)

Wednesday – 4:00 pm @ South  - Pre Meet -  (Optional Camp 5:30 pm at Minooka)

Thursday -   Meet @  Carlin-Weld Park -  Palmyra WI 

 3:00 pm – Bus     5:40 pm – Varsity   6:15 – JV Girl’s

Friday Practice – 9:00 am – 10:00 am  @ South

Saturday – 9:00 am - 10:15 am Practice @ Minooka Park  - 

PARENTS MEETING – 9:15  @ Minooka Park Picnic Area #1


STARTING WEEK #3  - August 29th we will go with our “school’ practice schedule, starting at 3:20 pm. 

During the school year…. Practices will be from 3:20 pm to 5:15 pm

Wednesday’s we will practice at Minooka Park .

Do you have your White Card ?

Remember you MUST have a White Card to participate in practice on Monday.

A key component of obtaining the White Card is that Freshmen and Juniors must  have a recent WIAA physical.  Payment of the $150 athletic fee is another key part of obtaining a White Card. 

If you need to obtain your white card on Monday morning please arrive around 8:00 am to give Mrs. Miller plenty of time to prepare your card. 


Week of Aug 15 - WS Girl's Cross Country

Waukesha South Girl's XC Team 2016 Season 

Practice Starts Monday August 15th   9:00 am - Meet in the Fieldhouse outside the Girl's Locker Room 

Week Schedule: 

Monday -  Practice @ South  9:00 am  (Meet in the Fieldhouse) 

Tuesday - Practice @ Glacial Drumlin Trail Head  - 810 College Avenue ( Athletes can meet at the Environmental Center or we can provide rides from South) 

Wednesday - Practice @ South 9:00 am 

Thursday - Practice 9:00 am @ Fox River Park (East of West HS) .. Athletes can meet at the park or we will provide rides from Waukesha South. 

Friday -  Practice 9:00 am @ Minooka Park - Picnic Area #1  

NO PRACTICE or PARENTS MEETING on Saturday 20th. (Due to the Olympic Triathlon and South Alumni Gwen Jorgensen !!) 

Sunday - August 21st we will have an optional run at Minooka Park in the early evening. 

Practices will be done between 11:00 am - 11:30 am during the first week. 

The week of August 22nd - We will be moving to EVENING PRACTICES.


Annual Youth Cross Country Camp

Annual Youth Cross Country Camp

August 22 23 24  

5:30 pm - 7:00  @ South and Minooka Park 

Cost $35 

This is a great way to get ready for the season (many of our athletes participated in the camp). This camp is designed to introduce athletes to DISTANCE RUNNING and create a pre-season conditioning opportunity for Middle School Cross Country athletes. The Championship Cross Country Camp will give the athletes the opportunity to train with other quality athletes under the supervision of experienced coaches.

Week of Oct. 26th

Monday:  Team Meeting 3:20 - 3:45 

Agenda:  Banquet Info, Last Cards of the Season, Athlete of the Week, Community Service, Costume Run, Jingle Bells Run, Senior Gifts, Optional Uniform Turn IN

Tuesday:    Practice 3:20 - 4:40 @ Minooka Park

Wednesday:  Costume Run - Fire Up for Grace

Thursday :   No School / No Practice

Friday:   Depart for the WIAA State Championship

Saturday:  WIAA State Championship @ Ridges Golf Course / Wisconsin Rapids

Division 1 Girl's : 1:20 pm 

WIAA Sectionals and End of Season

Mukwonago WIAA Sectional - Saturday Oct. 24th 

Bus Departs at 7:15 am    Bus Returns at Approx. 12:15 


Schedule of Events:

Girls Race: 9:30               Boys Race: 10:15

Awards at 11:30 by concessions/ awards tent

All Team Meeting after school on Monday Oct. 26th   

 (Banquet Handout, Senior Gifts, Uniform Turn In, Costume Run,  Jingle Bells Run)

We will practice (and have group runs) after school on Monday – Tuesday- Wednesday

Girl’s Cross Country Banquet  Tuesday Nov. 10th at the South Cafeteria   Info will be posted on the website and I have will a handout on Monday. 

Week of Oct. 19th - looks our run of great weather will continue... One more chance to run a PR....

We are in our 'speed and rest' phase and will be done with practice before 5:00 pm this week.

Monday -  Practice 3:20  4:45   

Tuesday - Practice 3:20  4:45 

Wednesday - Practice 3:20 4:45

Thursday -  South Milwaukee JV Last Chance @ Grant Park  

Bus Departs approx 2:30 pm   Girl's Race is at 4:00 pm 

Friday -  No Practice - Team Meal ?

Saturday -  WIAA Sectionals at Mukwonago  Bus Depart around 7:00 am

Girl's Race 9:30 am - Boy's Race 10:15 am 

Week of Oct. 12th

The key this time of the year is QUALITY practices...we should be done with practice between 4:45 and 5:00 for the rest of the season..

Monday: Practice 3:25 - 5:00 

Tuesday: Practice 3:25 - 5:00   Meet on the Track

Wednesday: Practice 3:25 - 5:00 - (MS Invite @ Minooka)

Thursday; Practice 3:25 - 5:00 

Friday :  Practice 3:15 - 4:45    Team Meal @ Genavieve and Olivia  Kopesky

Saturday:  Classic 8 Conference Championship at Muskego - Lake Dennon MS

Bus  Depart South at 7:30 am 

Schedule:       8:10am                        Coaches meeting by the finish line.

9:00                 Freshmen Girls Race

             9:40                 Freshmen Boys Race

             10:10               JV Girls Race

             10:50               JV Boys Race

11:20               Varsity Girls Race (8 varsity runners max)

             11:50               Varsity Boys Race (8 varsity runners max)

             12:45              Awards (we will start these earlier if possible)

Week of Oct. 5th

Monday :  Practice  3:15 - 5:00 pm  @ South

Tuesday:  Practice 3:15 -  5:00 pm  @ South Track

Wednesday Practice 3:15 - 4:45  @ South 

  Team Meal:  Alex Kurtz's House

Thursday:   Waterford Invite

Class Dismiss  1:45     Bus Depart  2:00 pm 

Girl's JV Race  5:15 pm   Girl's Varsity Race 5:45 pm 

South Boy's are NOT competing  Awards  Aprox 6:15    

Return to South Approx. 7:00 pm

Friday:  Practice  3:15 pm - 4:15 pm @ SOUTH 

No Weekend Practice

Mukwonago Invite - Oct. 1




Thursday, October 1st, 2015                          At MUKWONAGO HIGH SCHOOL


Class Dismiss: 2:15 pm    Bus Departs   2:30        Return to South Approx   7:30 pm


SCHOOLS COMPETING:  Brookfield Central (boys), Franklin, Greendale, Kettle Moraine (boys), Kettle Moraine Lutheran (girls), Mukwonago, New Berlin West, Oconomowoc, West Allis Central, West Allis Hale (girls), Whitnall (boys), Franklin, Wisconsin Lutheran (boys)


Boys V: 4:00

Girls V: 4:30    (Grace, Elise, Taya, Ashley, Claire, Olivia, Syd Sayles, Beth)

Boys JV: 5:10

Girls JV: 5:40

Week of Sept. 28th

Monday :  Practice 3:20 -  5:15   

Tuesday:  Practice 3:20 - 5:15  (Meet on the Track)

Wednesday:  Practice 3:20 - 4:45  (Pre Meet)  Team Meal: 

Thursday:  @ Mukwonago Invite  Class Dismis 2:15  Bus Departs 2:30 

Varsity Girl's  4:30     JV Girl's 5:40 pm    Return to South approx. 7:15-7:30

Friday:    No Practice 

Saturday:  No Practice

Sunday -  Practice at 5:00 pm @ Minooka Park (Optional)

Week of Sept. 21st

Monday :  All student athlete assembly in the auditorium for 3:15 presentation.   Practice to follow.

Tuesday:  Practice 3:25 - 5:15 

Wednesday: Practice 3:25 - 5:15  (Pick up at Minooka)

Thursday:  Practice 3:25 - 5:15 

Friday: Practice 3:25 - 4:45    Team Diner:  Alex Hader's House

Saturday:  Muskego Invite 

Bus"  7:30 am  (We are sharing a bus with the boy's)

JV Girl's Meet : 10: am  Varsity Girl's 12:00 noon 

Meet Change:  Next week we are competing at Mukwonago on Thursday Oct. 1  (We will not be competing at Burlington on Saturday due to Homecoming)


Waukesha Cross Country Festival

Are you ready to run ? 

19 HS Teams....11 MS Teams and 982 Runners ....

JV Athletes Arrive at Minooka Park at 7:15 am We will begin walking the course at  7:20  am ….

8:30  am     Girl’s JV 5k Race                         

9:15 am      Boy’s  JV 5k Race  

10:00 am     Girl’s 5k Race                              

10:45 am     Boy’s 5k Varsity Race

11:30  am     Girl’s MS Race                           

12:00 noon   Boy’s MS Race


We need as much help as possible to work concessions and area’s on the course..

Parents who want to work concessions can check in at the Stand. We should be able to cover shifts so everyone can watch their daughter run.

Parents who want to help with course management (non concessions) can meet coach Lehmann at the Finish Line Area..... at 8:15 am. 

2015 Arrowhead Invite Results

Arrowhead Invite - Sept. 10th

Bus Departs:  2:05 pm 

Girl's JV Race: 4:20 pm

Girl's Varsity Race:  5:25 pm

Awards approx. 6:45 

Bus Returns approx.  7:30 pm 

If any parents want to bring drinks or snacks for after the race, contact Coach Lehmann.  [email protected] 

Week of Sept. 8th

Tuesday :  Practice 3:25 pm 

Wednesday: Practice 3:23 pm     AT SOUTH    

                   Team Meal:  Boudry's Home


 Bus:  2:05 pm 

JV Girl's  4:20 pm     Varsity Girl's  5:25 pm   Return to South Approx. 7:15

Friday :  Practice  3:25 pm - 4:30 pm 

Saturday: Practice 9:00 am @ Minooka Park

Blackshirt Challenge - Saturday 9/5

Meet Sheet and Course Map are below.

Report Time: 

5k Athletes -  7:45 am  

4k Athletes - 8:45 am        Near the VB court in Picnic Area #3

Race Times:

5k   9:00 am 

4k  10:30 am 

Awards around 11:15 am 

No Practice on Sunday and Monday 


Week of August 31st

Monday - Practice 3:15

Tuesday - FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL  Practice 3:15

Wednesday -  Practice 3:15 @ Minooka

Thursday - Practice 3:15 @ Minooka 

Friday - Practice 3:15 @ South    Team Meal at the Allen's House

Saturday - Blackshirt Challenge at Minooka Park 

9:00 Girl's 5k Race    9:45 Boy's 5K Race  10:30 Girl's 4k Race 

11:30  -  Awards Ceremony 

No Practice Sunday or Monday

Palmyra Eagle Invite - 8/27

It is time to RACE ! 

Thursday is our first race of the season.  The only expectations that the coaches have is that you complete the race and establish a base time. Have yourself mentally and phsically ready to run... Do your best during the race and fun ! 

Bus Departs : 2:15 pm

JV Girl's  :  4:00 pm 

Varsity Girl's :  4:45 pm 

Friday :  Pictures 10:15 am -   Team Practice/Scavenger Hunt to follow. 

No Weekend Practice 

Week of August 24th

Monday :  Practice 9:00 am - 11:30 am      Workout 9:00 am - 10:30 am 

       Help Clean Soccer Concession  10:30 am 

       Youth XC Camp :  5:30 pm - 7:30 pm 

Tuesday:   Practice 9:00 am - 11:30 am  

       Youth XC Camp :  5:30 pm - 7:30 pm 

Wednesday : Practice 3:15 pm    Team Diner 5:00 pm at Stauffer House

        Youth XC Camp :  5:30 pm - 7:30 pm 

Thursday:  Palmyra Eagle Invite 

  2:15 pm - Bus 

  4:00 pm  - JV Girl's Race 

  4:45 pm -  Varsity Girl's Race 

Friday -  Team Pictures:  10:15 am  

               Annual Team Scavenger Workout - After Team Pictures 

No Practice Saturday or Sunday 

Waukesha South Cross Country - 2015

Practice Begins: 

Monday August 17th at 8:30 am.  We will meet in the Fieldhouse, outside the girl's locker room.

August 17th - August 28th - We will practice from 8:30 am - to approx 11:00 am.   (August 27th Meet @ Palmyra Eagle) 

August 31st we will begin 3:15 pm practices.  (School starts Sept. 1) 

Remember all athletes need to obtain a WHITE CARD before the first day of practice.  

Summer Track and Field Meets

Waukesha South is hosting its annual Community Track and Field Meets on June 25th and July 15th.   Cost is $5 to compete. 

Please share this information with any friends or family members that may also want to compete. 

This is also a FUND RAISER for our group.  We ALWAYS need help with timing the races. It is a lot of fun.   


Summer Workouts and Conditioning

The summer off season ‘running’ and workout sessions will be based on the all school Summer Weight and Conditioning program.   We will then base running groups after the morning workouts. 


  The Waukesha South Summer Weight and Conditioning program starts on Monday June 15th.  Workouts are on Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday. Students have the option of attending three workouts sessions.  

M-T-R-F   7:00 am - 9:00 am    9:00 am - 11:00 am  and 11:00 am - 1:00 pm. 

After the first week of workouts, we will share more information about specific running times.  

This is a great opportunity to work on our overall conditioning and improve our athletic conditioning. 

Waukesha YOUTH Cross Country Running Camp

August 25th - 26th - 27th  5:30 pm - 7:30 pm.  Cost is $40 

Athletes entering Grades 1st - 8th. 

This camp is designed to introduce athletes to DISTANCE RUNNING and create a pre-season conditioning opportunity for Middle School Cross Country athletes.  The Championship Cross Country Camp will give the athletes the opportunity to train with other quality athletes under the supervision of experienced coaches.  

Online Camp Information and Registration

2016 FULL Season - Text Calendar

2016 Meet RESULTS

WTMJ 4 - TV Interview

Grace, Libby, and Taya (and Joe and Bobby) with a TMJ 4 News Team for a Gwen Jorgensen interview. 

2016 Schedule

Date Meet Location
Aug. 25 Palmyra Eagle Invite Carlin-Weld Park
Sept. 3 Blackshirt Challenge Minooka Park
Sept. 8 Arrowhead Invite Arrowhead HS
Sept. 17 Waukesha XC Festival Minooka Park
Sept. 24 Muskego Invite Lake Denoon MS
Sept. 29 Mukwonago Invite Mukwonago, HS
Oct. 7 Waterford Invite Waterford HS
Oct. 15 Classic 8 Championship Lake Denoon MS
Oct. 20 SM JV Last Chance Grant Park
Oct. 23 WIAA Sectionals Mukwonago HS
Oct. 29 WIAA State Championship Wisc. Rapids - Ridges Golf Course

2015 Meet Results

Blackshirt Challenge Meet Results

2015 Arrowhead Invite Results

Waukesha XC Festival Results

Muskego Invite - 2015

Mukwonago Invite Results

Course Maps

2014 Overall Meet Results

WE accept the Challenge !

The Waukesha South Girl's XC team accepts the "challenge" from the WS Girl's Tennis Team.  #alsicebucketchallenge

Eric  Lehmann

Eric Lehmann

Head Girl's Cross Country Coach - Waukesha, WI

Phone: 262-501-0216